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Hostel facilities - Velammal Bodhi Campus

At Bodhi Campus, we ensure that our hostel provides a perfect ambience to make the students feel at home. We maintain traditional values and strict discipline that results in shaping up the student with high moral values and desire for truth, decorum and courtesy. To make sure that the students enjoy the learning experience and benefit, we have integrated a variety of facilities, both tangible and intangible for the betterment of the students.

We have dedicated wardens who not only take care of the students but also ensure discipline and groom them whenever necessary. We help students to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork and make sure that they are not only tuned to excel in academics besides, we identify the inherent talent and encourage students to pursue their interest passionately. We help students to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork and also strive hard to prepare them to adapt to challenging situations in life. We guide them in all stages and make their stay truly enjoyable and pleasant.

Boarding builds self-confidence, independence, the capacity to interact with adults and fellow-students, self-discipline and a sense of direction. Throughout the experience of boarding, friendships are made which last a lifetime and a sense of identity with the school is forged strongly. The air-conditioned rooms are allotted on a sharing basis.

We celebrate all Indian festivals with fervor and vigor for the benefit of the students from the respective states who could not go back to their homes. On such occasions we also prepare the traditional food in tune with the culinary taste of the region.

The hostel is equipped with a laundry, food court, uninterrupted power supply, medical facility, and clean water 24X7 security.